Home Theater

If your lifestyle involves Home Entertainment, SSI can transform your home into one big, integrated entertainment center.

Home Theater

Your Home Theater area or room will require special wiring plus hook-ups, configuration, and testing. We are experts on wiring for the special needs of simple or elaborate Home Theater installations.

Whole-House Audio

Your Home Audio can be tied in with a Whole-House sound system to allow your music and news to follow you all around the home. Intercom systems can be integrated to allow you to communicate from one remote part of the home to another.


When choosing your LCD or Plasma TV's, remember that they will require mounting and calibration. We can run cables for you to keep wiring out of sight and configure the equipment to operate according to specification.

Because every home is different, every job is handled as a custom design. Please Contact Us for no-cost no-obligation information on how we can help you create your own Home Theater.