Video surveillance can be used to monitor productivity in warehouse areas and remote locations. It can be used to document illegal activities such as shoplifting in order to apprehend and prosecute criminals. Surveillance systems are often effective as a deterrent to crime and pilferage.

Camera Systems

Camera technology has improved exponentially since the introduction of camera systems to the business environment. Cameras can now capture amazing detail from a distance and can capture images in low light environments. Mounting systems can be combined with joystick controllers to enable pan & zoom features. Systems are now internet-ready, to be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world where there is access to high-speed cable or data transmission. Systems can even be accessed via cell phone to enable you to keep tabs on your business, even when you are on the go.


Multiple cameras may be connected to a multiplex switching device, so that the user can select any individual camera for viewing or can view several cameras at once.


Gone are the days of recording camera activity on countless VCR tapes. Today's recording systems are digital, enabling you to store massive amounts of archived information in a small space. Recorders support the addition of triggering devices such as motion sensors, enabling you to record events without a lot of dead, motionless camera time. Video images can also be streamed direct to PC and stored on hard drive.


Intelligent Video Analytics software has the ability to detect, analyze, and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles that move around within view of your cameras. Please contact us for more information.

Algorithms can be defined to alert you of various conditions and can provide measurable data to help with strategic decision making. It can even count customers to make sure your people are being deployed with maximum efficiency to maximize sales.

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